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Secure File Transfer

Easily Send Documents Any Time of Day

At SRA Wealth Advisors, we offer clients a Secure File Transfer Service that all but eliminates the need for traditional delivery and postal services, FTP, non-secure email attachments and faxes, as well as personal delivery of critical files.

Clients can transfer and receive their confidential files securely over the Internet in a few simple steps: login to their personalized account and upload or download the documents they want to send or receive. It’s fast, secure, and it doesn’t have file size limitations like email.

With the Secure File Transfer Service, clients can send and access files and documents - from pictures and PDFs to Word documents - at any time. Individual files up to 1GB in size can be sent, and the firm can hold up to 1 GB of the client’s files in storage for access to them whenever and wherever they are needed.

Click here to start transferring and receiving documents quickly, securely, and confidently using our Secure File Transfer Service.