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Shaun Roberts, EA, CFP®

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What is Tax Alpha?

Tax alpha is the value that is added to a client's financial plan by optimizing sound tax strategies. If "alpha" is the return generated by an advisor's skill in picking and managing investments, then "tax alpha" protects that return and generates a boost by making sure that taxes don't eat away more of a client's wealth than absolutely necessary. HD Vest advisors, like Shaun Roberts, deliver tax alpha through their ability to gain insights from their clients’ taxes and leverage that information to provide them with a holistic view of their financial plan.

Accountants who are financial advisors are uniquely positioned to deliver tax alpha, as they understand that it’s not about what a client earns that’s important; the measure that counts is what they keep after taxes. Advisors with tax expertise have an advantage in developing strategies to help maximize the important measure.

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